Developed over a life long friendship and working together on various side-projects, Collective SpaceMedia is the collective collaboration between two artists, combining their skillset to provide a holistic approach to your marketing campaign and creative needs. Whether it be photography, videography, branding, or business strategy, Collective SpaceMedia has got the solution for you!

Brentley Bautista


◇ Lead Videographer
◇ Photographer
◇ Director

Founder of eightsix:media, Brentley possesses over a decade and a half of experience with regards to videography and photography. Directing, filming and editing music videos, promotional material and behind the scenes vlogs, Brentley specializes in capturing the essence of each moment to cultivate an unparalleled sense of storytelling in motion.

Specializes in: steadicam, monopod, video editing
Tools: Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, Affinity

Urvil James Villaruel

◇ Digital Marketer
◇ Photographer
◇ Videographer

Founder of GottaLightMyFire, Urvil James possesses over a decade of experience with regards to digital marketing management. Starting out by freelancing for small businesses, both domestically and abroad, Urvil James has expanded his creative reach to the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation; resulting in an uncanny ability for conveying story through art.

Specializes in: social media management & design, website design, marketing
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe InDesign, Final Cut Pro X