Outward Bound Canada
Problem: Communicate the values and benefits of Outward Bound Canada, while funnelling audiences toward a petition to give.
Solution: Develop a video series highlighting each of the tenets of Outward Bound Canada, complete with relevant stats, all pushing toward a final video soliciting donations.

The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation
Problem: Devise a campaign to get the Greenbelt audience engaged and show their support on the Greenbelt’s 14th Birthday.
Solution: Orchestrated a #GBDay campaign, requesting video submissions from audience members to speak on their support of the Greenbelt, sending a tote bag to each of them for their support. The campaign consisted of developing a promotional trailer as well as this highlight of the best submissions.

The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation
Problem: Convert reporting data into easily digestible information for viewers.
Solution: Filmed and edited a short web interview series with knowledge experts, highlighting key components from the report.

In The Spirit Yoga Studio, Wine Lounge & Apparel Store
Problem: Communicate the various class offerings of the studio.
Solution: Devised, filmed and edited a short video highlighting the various class offerings at the studio in order to make the information more digestible and engaging for audiences.

Persistence Academy
Problem: Communicate the self-defence program offering at the academy.
Solution: Filmed and edited a contemporary and eye-catching montage of the various self-defence elements taught in the program.

Jonny Starkes
Problem: Develop a modern, contemporary and artistic music video suiting the tone of the song.
Solution: Worked together with the artist to come up with an appropriate look and feel; creating a black and white music video in an empty auditorium.

Ash L Music
Problem: Develop a music video highlighting both the aspects of the song, as well as the lavish lifestyle of the artist.
Solution: Filmed and edited a music video while going on-location with the artist to Cuba.

Energy Marital Arts Academy
Problem: Capitalize on the release of the new ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ movie to increase member sign-ups.
Solution: Choreographed, filmed and edited a short fight scene to engage Star Wars fans and funnel them into signing-up for a trail class.

Soulmotion Snowsurf
Problem: Develop a travel vlog to communicate the essence of the brand.
Solution: Filmed and edited a short video while going on-location with the company to Montana, USA.